Er zijn vele titels die een Australian Shepherd kan behalen. Door zijn veelzijdigheid zien we titels uit vele disciplines terug. Hier een overzicht van titels van de AKC en ASCA in de disciplines agility, gehoorzaamheid, drijven, showen, speuren en speciale titels.

Australian Shepherds can earn many titles. Due to their versatility we find titles from many different venues. Here is an overview of AKC and ASCA titles in the venues agility, obedience, working, conformation, tracking and special honors.

AKC = American Kennel Club
ASCA = Australian Shepherd Club of America



NA = Novice Agility
NAJ = Novice Agility Jumpers
NAP = Novice Agility Preferred
NJP = Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
AX = Agility Excellent
AXJ = Agility Excellent Jumpers
AXP = Agility Excellent Preferred
AJP = Agility Excellent Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
OA = Open Agility
OAJ = Open Agility Jumpers
OAP = Open Agility Preferred
OJP = Open Agility Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
MX = Master Agility Excellent
MXJ = Master Agility Excellent Jumpers
MXP = Master Agility Excellent Preferred
MJP = Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves Preferred

MACH = Master Agility Champion


  RS-N = Regular Standard Novice
    RS-O = Regular Standard Open   
    RS-E = Regular Standard Elite   

RV-N = Regular Veterans Novice
    RV-O = Regular Veterans Open   
    RV-E = Regular Veterans Elite   
RJ-N = Regular Junior Novice
    RJ-O = Regular Junior Open   
    RJ-E = Regular Junior Elite   
 JS-N = Jumpers Standard Novice
    JS-O = Jumpers Standard Open
    JS-E = Jumpers Standard Elite
 JV-N = Jumpers Veterans Novice
    JV-O = Jumpers Veterans Open
    JV-E = Jumpers Veterans Elite
 JJ-N = Jumpers Junior Novice
    JJ-O = Jumpers Junior Open
    JJ-E = Jumpers Junior Elite
 GS-N = Gamblers Standard Novice
    GS-O = Gamblers Standard Open
    GS-E = Gamblers Standard Elite
 GV-N = Gamblers Veterans Novice
    GV-O = Gamblers Veterans Open
    GV-E = Gamblers Veterans Elite
 GJ-N = Gamblers Junior Novice
    GJ-O = Gamblers Junior Open
    GJ-E = Gamblers Junior Elite

Any of the above with an OP on the end (like GS-E-OP) means that title plus outstanding performance
Any of the above with an SP on the end (like GS-E-SP) means that title plus superior performance

ATCH = Agility Trial Champion
ATCH-OP = Outstanding Performance Agility Trial Champion
ATCH-SP = Superior Performance Agility Trial Champion



HT = Herding Tested

HSAd = Herding Started Course A ducks
HSAs = Herding Started Course A sheep
HSAc = Herding Started Course A cattle

HSBd = Herding Started Course B ducks
HSBs = Herding Started Course B sheep
HSBc = Herding Started Course B cattle

HSCs = Herding Started Course C sheep
HIAd = Herding Intermediate Course A ducks
HIAs = Herding Intermediate Course A sheep
HIAc = Herding Intermediate Course A cattle

HIBd = Herding Intermediate Course B ducks
HIBs = Herding Intermediate Course B sheep
HIBc = Herding Intermediate Course B cattle

HICs = Herding Intermediate Course C sheep

HXAd = Herding Advanced Course A ducks
HXAs = Herding Advanced Course A sheep
HXAc = Herding Advanced Course A cattle

HXBd = Herding Advanced Course B ducks
HXBs = Herding Advanced Course B sheep
HXBc = Herding Advanced Course B cattle

HXCs = Herding Advanced Course C sheep

HC = Herding Champion


STDd = Started Trial Dog ducks
STDs = Started Trial Dog sheep
STDc = Started Trial Dog cattle

OTDd = Open Trial Dog ducks
OTDs = Open Trial Dog sheep
OTDc = Open Trial Dog cattle

ATDd = Advanced Trial Dog ducks
ATDs = Advanced Trial Dog sheep
ATDc = Advanced Trial Dog cattle

WTCH = Working Trial Champion (Earned by achieving all three ATD Titles)

RD = Ranch Dog
RTDs = Ranch Trial Dog sheep
RTDc = Ranch Trial Dog cattle
PATDs = Post Advanced Trial Dog sheep
PATDs = Post Advanced Trial Dog cattle



    CD = Companion Dog
    CDX = Companion Dog Excellent
    UD = Utility Dog
UDX = Utility Dog Excellent
OTCH = Obedience Trial Champion


    Ch. = Champion
    A-Ch. = Altered Champion (ASCA only, spayed or neutered)


TD = Tracking Dog
TDX = Tracking Dog Excellent

TC = Tracking Champion
Variable Surface Tracking



DC = Dual Champion
TC = Triple Champion

VCD1 = Versatile Companion Dog 1 (earned CD, NA(P), NAJ/NJP, TD
VCD2 = Versatile Companion Dog 2 (earned CDX, OA(P), OAJ/OJP, TD
VCD3 = Versatile Companion Dog 3 (earned UD, AX(P), AXJ/AJP, TDX
VCD4 = Versatile Companion Dog 4 (earned UDX, MX(P), MXJ/MJP, VST

VVCH = Versatile Companion Champion (earned OTCH, MACH and CT)


HOF = Hall of Fame (reserved for sires, dams and kennels having achieved a certain number and combination of titles through ASCA)
VCH = Versatility Champion
SVCH = Supreme Versatility Champion
PCH = Performance Champion
SPCH = Supreme Performance Champion

DNA-CP = DNA, Certified Parentage.  Dog has been DNA profiled, but only one or neither parent has been.
DNA-VP = DNA, Verified Parentage.  Dog has been DNA profiled, plus both parents, thus verifying the parentage of the dog.