Magic & Genie, summer 2006

Genie, Magic, Vie, Famy en Dazzle hebben allemaal hun eigen foto-pagina. Maar voor groepsfoto's, foto's van onze fokproducten of gewoon andere gekke foto's is deze pagina gemaakt!
Genie, Magic, Vie, Famy and Dazzle all have their own photo-page. But for grouppic's, pictures of our bred by's or just other funny pics we made this page!


Chassey (MS Magical Chassey) doing agility. Chassey is the most successfull Aussie in the Netherlands in agility!
She is competing in FCI large C with her owner and handler Angela Koopman and is ranked among the 10 best agility dogs.


Blu'sher (Dutch and German Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-N JS-E GS-N DNA-CP) shows his versatility, summer 2006.

Myra (MS Buzzin' Miracle) is working hard on her dogfrisbee carreer. Summer 2006.



Maggie (MS Buzzin' Maggie May) working sheep for the first time. Summer 2006.


Sisters! Do you see the similarity?
Myra (MS Buzzin' Miracle) and Janey (MS Buzzin' Janey) strike a pose for the camera in spring 2006

Chassey (MS Magical Chassey) and her mother Magic (MS In Touch Magic GG1 RH-V A) having a good time in winter 2004



Mortax (MS Magical Mortax) playing and doing obedience in April 2004



Nipper (MS Magical Nipper GG1 GG2) at a search and rescue training, summer 2006

Although Genie is not really fond of water, her children and grandchildren certainly are!!!
Most Moving Spirit aussies love water.... and I think these pictures of Janey, Myra, Chassey, Vie and Summer show this very well.


Four Moving Spirits; Magic, Summer, Famy and Genie

Bruno (MS In Touch Bruno) in action at his first dogfrisbee lesson in May 2004!!


4 colours Moving Spirit; black tri Genie, red tri Magic, red merle C'est la Vie and blue merle Ch. Blu'sher!


Autumn pic's of Genie, Magic and Vie taken in October 2003


Summer and Dazzle sharing a stick. February 2008

Magic, Summer and Dazzle waiting patiently (??) for their turn to work sheep! Winter 2007/2008.



Mother and daugther on the first pic. And together with Dazzle on the second pic. February 2008.

Our three girls. Magic, Genie and Dazzle! Summer 2006.

Magic working sheep on a winter day, December 2006.

Tayla (Moving Spirit In Touch Tayla) at 10,5 years of age. Just as happy and energetic as when she was 2! June 2009.


Foundation bitch of Moving Spirit: Cody of the first Choice. Very versatile working lady, she has been active in dutch obedience (earned all FCI levels), english obedience, agility, hunting and just being a great partner and companion!! Being the mother of five generations Moving Spirit, she enjoys her retirement now, although she still loves to work every now and then!


That's all folks!