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 26th of December: No surprise, also this update contains new puppy pictures. A new album, weekly portraits and also 2 videos! Enjoy!


19th of December: New pictures added in the album for week 2 and weekly portraits are up.

 16th of December: Uploaded an album for the 2nd week.

 12th of December: New pictures added in the album and weekly portraits are up.

11th of December: New puppy pictures in this album.

 9th of December: We had to let little Shutter, the last born pup, go.
After a very long and difficult birth, Shutter was more dead than alive. With a lot of efforts, she started breathing and moving. Her tiny rear legs were damaged by the heavy delivery and during the next 3,5 days, we cared for her legs, treated with antibiotics and painkillers and helped her nurse every half hour. As the little fighter that she was, she gained weight and got stronger. But this morning it was clear that there was no bloodflow in her foot anymore and her leg would be lost. We took the only right decision and let her go. No more pain for her.
Our hearts are broken though. Rest in peace, Shutter.

7th of December: Individual photos of the pups.

5th of December: The puppies are here!! Earlier than expected, at 58 days of gestation, Dazzle delivers a litter of 8 girls. All are healthy and doing well. We have 4 blacks and 4 blues. More photos will follow later.
More information on this litter can be found on the "
Pups" page.


13th of November: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) wins the Dutch Agility Championships for Australian Shepherds!!! Wooohooooo! 8 years old, but she is not slowing down and still beats the younger dogs!
Awesome job, Angela and Chassey! We're proud of you!

3rd of November: Dazzle is pregnant! The ultrasound showed several embryos (see one of them below). The count down can start!
More information about this upcoming litter can be found here.


30th of October: Katla earned a 2nd place in the 6-9 months old class at a conformation show with a very nice report. Well done, Gondola and Katla!

 8th of October: Dazzle is bred! Pups expected around December 10. More information on the Planned litters page.


October: Famy's pups sired by Daniel are 8 months old. New pictures of each of them.

September: DNA results came back for Katla's PRA and CEA tests both indicating that Katla is clear/clear on both.

19th of September: Katla showed in a puppy show in Hønefoss with great results. She earned BOB and BIG 2!
Katla sure proves that a plain black bi Aussie can be very successful in conformation.

18th and 19th of September: Maaike and Jazzy competed at the Dutch Championships Heelwork to Music. Saturday earned them a 3rd place and a leg in HTM Beginners and also a leg in MF Intermediate to move up to MF Advanced!
Sunday was even more successful with a beautiful 1st place and a leg in HTM Beginners which moves them up to HTM Novice!
What a great weekend! Congrats Maaike & Jazzy!

9th of September: Dazzle had her annual eye check and they are once again cleared.

26-30th of August: Dazzle is the 4th MVA (Most Versatile Aussie) in Europe!

Dazzle earned legs on ATDd (3rd place, 99 points) and OTDc (1st place, 101 points), 2 legs on RS-N, 2 legs on JS-N which earned her the title, and 71 points (out of 85) for the MVA evaluation. All together, this resulted in a 4th place in MVA!
We're especially proud as Dazzle was not in training for agility at all and this was her first day of ASCA stockdog trials in the whole year!

Dazzle during one of her clear Jumping rounds. Photos by Dorien Vogelaar.

30th of August: Famy ran her first stockdog trials! She competed in Started ducks (qualified, 90 points and a 1st place) and in Started sheep (qualified, 80 points, 5th place), earning the 'Most Promising Newcomer' award on top of it!!
Way to go, Karin & Famy!

27th of August: Summer and Famy competed in ASCA agility. Summer earning a first leg in both JS-N, GS-N and RS-N. Famy got 2 Qs in Elite Gamblers earning a 1st place and a Q in Elite Jumping for a 2nd place.
Blusher earned 4x a 1st place and 2 Qs in Veteran Jumpers.
Summer and Famy also did the MVA evaluation. Summer scored the highest points of all MVA competitors (78 out of 85) and only outdid her sister Famy by 2 points.
Congrats to Sevenne with Summer and Karin with Famy & Blusher!


26th of August: At the DWAS Summer Show Off, Chelsea competed in the stockdog trials. In each type of stock she ran nice qualifying runs with all 1st places. She is now STDdsc!

23rd of August: Chassey ran 4 agility runs in the UK in the ABC-class (Anything But Collie). She did awesome and earned a 2nd place on the Jumping, a 2nd place on the first Regular round and a 13th place on the second Regular round (Angela ran controlled to ensure their finals qualification)! These results earned Angela and Chassey a 3rd place overall out of the 115 and qualification for the finals! What an achievement!!
They ran a great finals round, but unfortunately Chassey knocked one bar. See their run at:

8th of August: Aybo showed at the clubmatch in Maastricht and took a 1st place in puppy class.

 6th of August: Katla showed in a Norwegian puppy show and earned BOB! Way to go, Gondola & Katla!

August: Jazzy dogdanced to a 3rd place and earned a leg in the Intermediate class of the WCFO Spring Video competition. Congrats Maaike & Jazzy!

25th of July: We had a great get together with our puppy buyers. Moving Spirits and Dazzling Spirits ranging between 14 years and 6 months of age attended and we had a blast. We had some fun mini competitions, eating and drinking together and walking the dogs on the beach. I'm sure that all dogs went home content and tired and very sandy! :) Thank you all for coming and making this a great day!
More pictures are HERE!

24th of July: Dazzle competed at the WEWASC "Eider Farm Trial" in Wrohm. She earned a 6th place in sheep with a qualifying score and a 1st place in ducks with a qualifying score!! That earns her the WEWASC Started Farm Trial Dog title for sheep and a first leg towards the same title for ducks! On top of it, she won Reserve High Combined!


3rd and 4th of July: Dazzle, Chelsea and I went to our first Farm Trial in Mundelfingen. Our first Farm Trial, first time working goats, first time putting stock in a trailer, first time working on a Malteze cross. Lots of first and lots to learn. And so we did!!
Dazzle almost qualified on the first day, only running out of time on a few seconds and therefore missing qualification on a few points. But the next day we both improved and we qualified easily. We placed 7th over the weekend.
Chelsea wasn't up to this yet, but she showed some very nice work and she surely learned loads! I was proud of her.

Dazzle and Chelsea working goats at the trial. Photos by Yvonne Walliser.

26th of June: The Annual Conformation Championships of the ASCN saw 4 of our dogs. The three brothers in the puppy class (4-6 months):  Manny - 3rd Very promising, Chap - 5th Very promising and Aybo - Promising. Blusher was shown in veterans where he won his class with the qualification 'Excellent'.

Karin and Manny - "Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest"

19th of June: Katla shows in her first conformation show in Tønsberg/Sandefjord (Norway). She starts her conformation career with a bang by taking Best of Breed Puppy and a Group 4! Congratulations Gondola & Katla!

12th of June: WCFO Dogdance: Jazzy (Clinton x Famy) earned a beautiful 3rd place in the Intermediate class and a 6th place in the extra class that was offered; the 'Smile Steps'! Congratulations to Maaike and Jazzy! 

29th of May: Chelsea competes in her first ASCA stockdog trials. With limited training and only twice on cattle and ducks before, she qualifies in all classes of stock!! Her run in Started ducks qualifies with 77 points and a 3rd place, her run in Started sheep is good for 83 points and a 1st place and in Started cattle she earns 75 points and another 1st place!!

29th of May: Chassey wins a 5th place (out of 57 combinations) on the Jumping in Hoogeveen in the highest agility class (C-class, or FCI 3)!

28th of May: Magic's granddaughter Lady (Lady Lana of Java's Home CD JS-E RS-N GS-N SHH GG1) earns her CD with a 1st place and High In Trial!! Congratulations Wim and Lady!

22-24th of May: ASCA agility! Famy competes successfully and earns her Gamblers Elite title, Regular Open title, 1 qualifier in Regular Elite and 2 extra qualifiers in Jumpers Elite (makes a total of +70 points)!! She earns these qualifications in style with twice a 1st place, twice a 2nd place, three times a 3rd place and twice a 4th place. Congratulations Karin and Famy!
Famy Jumpers 22 May and Famy Jumpers 24 May

Magic's granddaughter Lady (Blusher x Java) competes too and earns the new titles RS-N and JS-E! Congratulations Wim and Lady!
Lady (Blusher x Java) Jumpers 22 mei

16th of May: Daniel (sire of our 2010 litter) earned his ATCH!!! Awesome! Congrats to Cynthia and Daniel!

16th of May: Fresco (Clinton x Famy) earned his first "U-tje" (promotion point) in agility with a 9th place (out of 80 competing teams)in Jumping. He also placed 29th in Regular. Great way to start their trialing season this year!

15th of May: As one of the only qualifying teams, Fresco (Clinton x Famy) and Dayene earned their G&G B today. Well done!!

9th of May: Remy (Clinton x Famy) got the qualification 'excellent' and placed 2nd in her class (Open Bitches) at a conformation show.

24th and 25th of April: Remy (Clinton x Famy) did extremely well in obedience trials this weekend. Linda and Remy started with a 1st place in in Winner Class with 283 points! They are now able to move up to the highest class in obedience! The next day, they earned 215,5 points which resulted in a third place. You can see their performance on the second day HERE.

16th of April: Some new pics at Chelsea's page and Djampi's photopage.

 16th of April: Trying to catch up as time flies. Photos of the pups at 7 and 8 weeks old and they also introduce their new owners to you!

24th of March: Six weeks old puppy pictures! Including stacked photos and their new pedigree names! See them all here.

16th of March: The pups are 5 weeks old already. Photos and update can be found here.

 11th of March: 4 weeks old photos are up here!

3rd of March: Puppies are 3 weeks old! New photos and update are here.


28th of February: Sorry, due to personal reasons, we are extremely delayed in updating about the new kids. Here are both new photos of the pups at 1 week old and 2 weeks old! Yes, time flies!

In addition, we also uploaded a photo pedigree of the pups. Have a look at their close ancestors and get an idea of what these pups will live up to!

9th of February: Photos of the newborns!

8th of February:  We have puppies!!! The Daniel x Famy puppies have arrived and after a long delivery, we have 4 boys (black tri, red tri, red bi and red merle) and 1 girl (black bi)! All five pups and Famy are doing well.

 31th of January: Some new photos here and there (Djampi's photopage, Djampi's actionpage, Chelsea's actionpage).

10th of January: Some new photos of Dazzle and Djampi in the snow on their photo-pages.
In addition, some snow photos of Chelsea:


 5th of January: What an awesome way to start the new year. Famy's pregnancy is confirmed and we are excited and happily looking forward to this promising upcoming litter! Check our Planned Litter page or send us an email for more information!

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