News and updates
in 2009

29th of December: A few new photos of Djampi at her photo-page.

Djampi (5 months), Dazzle (3,5 years) and Magic (11 years) on a cold winter day

December: Maggie (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Maggie May) has started a new adventure with her owners. The first step is moving to France. The picture below shows Maggie with owner Johan during the trip to France. Typically Maggie, having contact by laying her paw on his shoulder and being content to just be together with her owner. :)
Next step will be an even bigger move; to Tanzania! Her owners will run a tented camp and a foundation to help the local communities. More information can be found on Ol Mesera. We wish Johan and Marianne lots of good luck with their new projects and adventures!

Maggie and Johan on the road towards France.

25th of December: Gimmick found his forever home with Karin and Edwin. We are very happy and wish Karin and Edwin lots of fun and many great years with him! Take good care of our boy, we miss him!

Gimmick and his new buddy Spike playing on Gimmick's first day in his new home.

19th of December: Effie (Moving Spirit Famous Fantasy) earned her GG-B today with the highest points of the day. Well done!!

19th of December: Bliss passed her first exam for basic obedience. Congratulations to Francoise and Bliss.

12th of December: Lots of fun and great results at the Dutch Championships Agility for Aussies. Blusher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-O JS-E-OP GS-N DNA-CP) competed in Veterans, where he won a 3rd place at the Gambling and qualified for the finals. Janey (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Janey) competed in the A class, where she won 1st place at the Jumping! Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) had the bad luck that her owner was out of town and she got a stand-in handler. As a real pro Chassey dealed with the handicap of her inexperienced handler, won 1st place at the Regular course, 10th place at the Gambling, qualified for the finals and won a 3rd place in finals!!


 11th of December: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) had her annual eye check and is clear.

11th of December: We are very excited about our expected litter. Famy has been bred to the talented Daniel, SVCH WTCH CH. WildVine’s Bad n’ Blue CD RN PT HSAs HIAs JHDg GS-E-OP JS-E-OP RS-E MXJ AX DNA-VP. Puppies in all colors are expected around February 9th 2010. More information can be found on the "Planned Litter" page and the page of Daniel x Famy.

2nd of December: Jazzy is geslaagd voor de gedragstest van het Sophia Snuffelcollege. She is now certified to participate on projects at primary schools. Congratulations Maaike and Jazzy!

25th of November: We received the results of Jazzy's WCFO (World Canine Freestyle Organization) Summer video competition. She earned a promotion point in the Novice class with a 7th place, well done!!

22nd of November: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) competed in agility and won with a clear round a 2nd place out of 48 competitors! Great job, Linda and Remy!!

31st of October - 1st of November: Chassey competed in the agility competition "De Grote Prijs van het Zuiden". She won with among others 5 clear runs from Chassey a 2nd place with the team!! What a great accomplishment again! Way to go Angela and Chassey!
See for yourself what a nice team they are and watch their runs:

 2nd of November: Some updates on Djampi's action-page.

First tracking lesson and waiting for her turn to work sheep

1st of November: Breanna has been bred to Blusher (Dutch and VDH Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-O JS-E-OP GS-N DNA-CP). Puppies in all colours are expected around January 3rd at Healthy Horse Ranch.

End of October: Nipper and Els passed the exam "Basic Search and Rescue Dog". Congratulations!

28th of October: Famy and Blusher passed their annual eye test again

October: Enjoying the fall with its lovely colors, so we added a few new photos here and there.


19th of October: Djampi got her own page with new photos.

16-17-18th of October: Famy and Blusher competed at the LASC agility trials. Famy earned 5 1st places in Elite Jumpers (all 5 Qs) and one 1st and one 2nd place (both Qs) in Open Regular. She was really close in Gamblers Elite, but didn't qualify (none of the competing dogs did).
Blusher earned a 4th place in Open Regular (Q) and finished his RS-O. Three qualifying runs in Jumpers Elite (two 2nd places (behind Famy!) and one 4th place) earned him enough points for his JS-E-OP! He is the 1st European bred Aussie to achieve this!!

Famy is now "Moving Spirit Buzzing Fairytale GGB RS-N JS-E GS-O"
and Blusher is now 'Dutch and VDH Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-O JS-E-OP GS-N DNA-CP'.

15th of October: Congratulations to all owners of pups out of our In Touch litter with their 11th birthday! Wow, time flies when you're having fun!
Hopefully many years will follow!

Magic at 11 years old.

26th of September: Vie won the Mini Distance division over 39 great teams in the dogfrisbee competition in Slovenia. Congratulations Frans and Vie! Well done!

22nd of September: The pups would like to introduce their new owners to you.

Only Magnum can't introduce his new owners yet. He is everything a new Aussie owner could want, except for one retained testicle. He will get the time to see if it drops, but if not, he will be available as an outstanding performance prospect. Serious inquiries are welcome: email.

16th of September: The pups are 8 weeks old. Almost ready to fly out! New photos are added HERE.

11th of September: Dazzle and the pups are all free from hereditary eye defects.

 8th of September: Puppies are now 7 weeks old. Time flies! New photos are added HERE.

Summer playing with her daughter

6th of September: Jazzy (Clinton x Famy) competed at the DWAS Summer Stockdog trials too and earned her STDds titles with two 1st places. The judge, Joan Carillo, commented on her runs: "Nicely started, shows a lot of natural instinct and a lot of ability to think for herself. Work on your drive."
Congratulations Maaike and Jazzy, well done!

5th of September: At the DWAS Summer Stockdog trials, Dazzle earned her OTDd with 98 points and a 1st place and she earned her first leg in ATDs with 100 points and a 2nd place. More photos are posted at her stockdog page.

Photos made by Erik.

1st of September: New puppy photos at 6 weeks of age are posted HERE.

 25th of August: The puppies are now 5 weeks old. New photos are posted again and can be found HERE.

Wet and dirty, but oh so happy!

25th of August: Some new photos of Dazzle working stock and Dazzle's general photos.

22nd of August: Jazzy (Clinton x Famy) danced her way to a 4th place in the beginnersclass of the doggydance competition in Biddinghuizen. This earned her another promotion point! Congratulations Maaike and Jazzy!
They also received the results of a WCFO spring video competition where they earned a 5th place and a promotion point which enables them to move up to the next class! Well done!!


Photos were made at a doggydance demonstration a few weeks earlier.

18th of August: New puppy photos at 4 weeks of age can be found HERE.

15-16th of August: We had a great time at the DWAS stockdog trials this weekend and Magic and Dazzle competed successfully.

Advanced ducks: Q, 4th place, 89 points.
Advanced sheep: Q, not placed, 93 points.
Started cattle: Q, 1st place, 76 points.

Open ducks: Q, 1st place, 90 points.
Open sheep: Q, 2nd place, 101 points.
Started cattle: Q, 1st place, 78 points.

Magic is now Moving Spirit In Touch Magic ATDds STDc GGB GG1 UV RH-V A and is retired from the stockdog arena.
Dazzle is now Spinoff's Razzle Dazzle OTDs STDdc.





14th of August: Chassey earns a 12th place in tough competition of more than 300 dogs in an agility competition in the UK! Congratulations Angela and Chassey!

12th of August: Maaike and Jazzy (Clinton x Famy) competed in their first ASCA stockdog trial. Both in sheep and ducks, they earned a qualifying score and a third place! Way to go, Maaike and Jazzy!! In addition, they received an award for the Most Promising Newcomer. Congratulations!

11th of August: The puppies are three weeks old. Pictures can be found HERE.

9th of August: Effie (Moving Spirit Famous Fantasy) has HD A!

9th of August: two new photos of Dazzle at her photo-page.

4th of August: Two weeks old puppy pictures can be found HERE.

28th of July: The pups are one week old. New pictures can be found HERE.

21th of July: The puppies have arrived! Summer gave birth to 5 beautiful and lively puppies. More information and photos can be found HERE.



20th of July: 8,5 weeks pregnant (25kg).

17-19th of July: Chassey earns a beautiful 6th place individually at the European Championship agility for Juniors in Hungary! Her 9 year old handler Esra did not only a great job handling Chassey, but also handled Border Collie Djune to the 2nd place individually!! With the Dutch team, Esra en Chassey, earned a 14th place.
Way to go Esra, Chassey and Djune and congratulations also to Angela, Chassey's owner!

Esra handling Chassey at an earlier agility competition this year

15th of July: Summer steadily grows (24,5 kg). We can feel the pups moving around now!


9th of July: Fresco (Moving Spirit Famous Fresco) got his hip and elbow results back. Hips are HD A and ED free! Congratulations Dayene and Fresco!

7th of July: Summer is now 6,5 weeks pregnant and getting heavier and bigger (23kg).


5th of July: Remy does it again! At the show in in Pietarsaari, Finland, she wins BOS! Way to go Linda and Remy, what a weekend!

4th of July: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) won BOS at the international dog show in Kokkola, Finland! She got graded excellent and earned the CAC/CACIB.

28th of June: Vie earns second place in the Toss and Fetch division at the IDCC. Kayleigh (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Kayleigh) earned at the same competition a 8th place in the Starters division!
Congrats Frans & Vie and Monique & Kayleigh! 

 20th of June: Yessss!!! Summer is pregnant! We are expecting puppies around July 24.


14th of June: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) earned a third place in obedience competition in the Winners Class. Well done!

7th of June: Jazzy (Moving Spirit Famous Frizzle) danced her way to one and maybe even two promotion points in the doggydance competitions this weekend! The second performance is video taped and will be judged in the next few months by judges from several countries. Well done, Maaike and Jazzy!

Jazzy practicing at a training


June: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) will compete at the EC agility for Juniors in Hungary this year!! Way to go, Chas.

Chassey's handler will be 9 year old Esra, shown on the left with Dice and Djune. Good luck on the EC, Esra and Chassey!
More information and results can be found on

22nd of May: Summer is bred to Gadget. An all colour litter is expected around 24th of July. More information can be found on the Planned Litter page.

Gadget working sheep at
Malpaso Aussies

6th of May: Summer's eyes are checked and are clear.

5th of May: Puppies born at Bywater out of Bywater Wyome sired by Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-N JS-E GS-N DNA-CP. Visit the Planned litter page, Karin's Aussies or Bywater kennel.

3rd of May: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) passed her MH test! Congrats Linda and Remy!

2nd of May: Summer competed successfully at the DWAS stockdog trials. She earned her STDc with a 1st place (79 points) and a leg in OTDd with a 2nd place (90 points). Well done Sevenne and Summer!

1st of May: Famy and Blusher competed at the LASC agility trials. Famy earned her RS-N, JS-E and GS-O and earned a first leg in GS-E. Blusher earned 2,5 legs RS-O (three needed), 2 extra legs in JS-E so he has 70 points towards his JS-E-OP now (100 needed).
Congratulations to Karin!!
In addition, two of Blusher's daughters performed very good as well! His daughter Nova earned her ASCA CD title and Lady earned her JS-N and GS-N titles! Well done!

April. New puppy plans! Check the Planned litter page.

29th of March: Famy starts the agility competition with a bang! Two clear rounds, resulting in a 10th and 9th place out of 90 competitors! Together it accounts for 84 promotion points. What a great start for Karin and Famy!!

5th of March: Blusher is bred to "Bywater Wyome" for an all color litter in Finland! Look at the planned litter page or visit Bywater Aussies for more information!

22nd of February: Blusher is the proud father of 5 puppies!! Jasmine (Samilyns Hot Pursuit) gave birth to two handsome blue boys and three beautiful black girls! Mother and pups are doing well. More info can be found at Slunecni.

February: Chassy competes in the selections for the World Championships Agility and earns a 5th and 8th place in this tough competition! Great job, Angela and Chassey!

7th of February: Famy and Fresco compete at the indoor agility competitions. For Fresco it was his first competition and he did very well for his first time! Famy earned a 2nd and 6th place. Congrats Karin & Famy and Dayene & Fresco!

31st of January: Jazzy scores 79,07 points in the doggydance competition in Kerkwijk. Just one point short op a promotion-point. Well done Maaike and Jazzy!

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