News and updates
in 2008

3rd of November: Summer and Dazzle are both free from the HSF4 cataract mutation!!

31th of October: Famy and Blusher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-E) had their annual eye check and are both clear.

30th of October: Chelsea has made an awesome recovery. The specialist stated now "lekker laten leven!!" which means as much as 'just let her live'! She is allowed to do everything and anything, no restrictions!! This is better than we had dared to hope and we are extremely happy!

29th of October: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH) has A hips and 0/0 elbows! Best possible results on all health checks.

19th of October: Chelsea couldn't make it to the "Young Dogs Day" of the ASCN in the spring, so she attended this fall. Birgit Kornet took some new photos of Chelsea there.


18th of October: Summer competed in the DWAS stockdog trials. She qualified in every run, earning her STDds with a 2nd and 3rd place and a first leg towards her STDc with a 1st place!! Well done! Congratulations to Sevenne and Summer!

9th of October: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH)  had a health screening. Eyes are clear, knees are 0/0, back was x-rayed and is totally healthy and so are Remy's hips and elbows! We'll wait for the official results for the hips and elbows.

 5th of October: Chassey did it!!
There are only 3 Aussies in the highest class of agility in the Netherlands. Chassey is the only one who didn't degraded this season and she placed in the top 10 overall! At the end of this competition season, she earned a 3rd place in the last competition and 98 promotion points!! What an accomplishment! With that result, she is ranked overall 7th in the highest class of agility (C, FCI class 3)!! Woohoo!!
We are so proud of Angela and Chassey and everything they accomplished over the last years!

4th of October: The last B1 agility competition of this season! Famy had already enough points, but earned even 20 points more in this last competition. She is now ranked on the 18th place (out of more than 200 teams) over the whole competition season. She will move up to the B2 (FCI class 3) next season!! Congratulations to Karin and Famy!!

25th - 30th of September: Magic en Dazzle visited Norway! We added some photos on their individual pages and changed two pic's at the 'about us' page.
More pictures can be found here (not only doggy pics, also general photos of the holiday).

21st of September: Again, Remy and Linda are successful! They earned Remy's first title today. She is now "Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH". Congratulations to Linda and Remy!!

8th of September: Remy had her second official obedience competition. She moved up to the Open Class after winning the Novice last time. She got 174,5 points and was placed 2nd!! This means they can again move up to the next class!

6th of September: Jazzy and Maaike competed in a doggydance competition in Kerkwijk. This resulted in a 3rd place with 86,7 points! Well done, Maaike and Jazz!!


30th of August: Remy and Linda are on a roll! The entered the Finnish version of the CGC today and passed! Congratulations Linda and Remy!

23th of August: Remy entered her first official obedience competition and repeated her awesome results of the week before! She got 196 points plus honour prize and won the Novice Class!

17th of August: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks) competed in her first obedience competition. She won the whole competition with 196,5 points of the total of 200!! What a great start of her further obedience career!! Huge congrats to Linda and Remy!

Remy at age of 17 months winning her first obedience competition.

12th - 19th of August: Chassey competed in the UK at the "Dogs in Need Agility Shows". More than 120 dogs compete for one of the 15 final places. Chassey earned a 7th and 9th place and did qualify for the Finals! In the Finals self, Chas did awesome and earned a wonderful 3rd place!
Woohoo, what an accomplishment! Huge congrats to Angela and Chassey!

Angela and Chassey winning 3rd place at the Dogs in Need Agility Shows. Photos made by Michèle Taffijn-du Bois.

17th of August: Karin and Blush are on a roll! After the successfull ASCA competitions, Blusher earns a 4th place and 65 promotion points at the FCI competition at KC Gooi en Eemland. Way to go!

15th and 16th of August: Famy and Blusher competed in agility at the ASCA Summer Classic Event. Famy earned 4 first places, 1 third place and 1 fourth place. She earned 5 qualifying scores, which gave her the new titles JS-O and GS-N and in addition she was also Most Winning Dog on Friday!! Wow!
Blusher earned 1 first place, 3 second places, 1 third place and 2 fourth places! He earned 7 qualifying scores, which gave him the new titles RS-N and GS-N!
Congrats to Karin and Famy and Blusher!!

Famy and Blush with the ribbons they earned in two days!!

Thanks to 'Stormbringer Aussies' for the pic of Famy and for the pic of Blusher.

18th of July: Magic, Dazzle and Chelsea took part in a tracking clinic of Jan Wesen. Even with little training and in Dazzle's case almost no training, they did a fine job. We were pleased with their performances and it was an educative experience.
We added some pic's to their Action pages under the section Tracking.

Dazzle at the tracking clinic

12th of July: Magic and Dazzle had their eyes checked. Both are free!
We also had samples collected of Dazzle and Summer for DNA HSF4 test. This DNA test shows if a dog has one or two copies of the cataract gene or none at all. Dogs with one or two copies of the mutation have approximately 12 times higher chances to develop bilateral posterior cataracts. We expect the results in a couple of weeks.

6th of July: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) is now one of the best 10 dogs in the whole Dutch competition and the highest ranked Australian Shepherd!! She accomplished more in agility than any Dutch Aussie every before. Huge congratulations to Angela and Chassey for these awesome results!!

28th of June: Maggie (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Maggie May) did it again!! Her team is two years in a row Dutch Champion flyball!! Maggie was the fastest member of her team and while her owners were on holiday, she did her job awesome and won the Championship once more! Way to go, Maggie!

June: We received Dazzle's HD results and are happy to announce that she had "A" hips! :)

31st of May: Blusher and Famy really are on a roll! Again, they did great in agility. Famy was placed last competition, this time it was Blusher's turn again. He got a 7th place and 52 promotion points!! Wow, congrats Karin and Blusher!

Blush and Famy in action

28th of May: Magic and Dazzle competed for the third day in ASCA stockdog trials. I messed up Magic's first Advanced duck run by stepping over the handlers line, but other than that everything went very very good! Magic earned qualifying scores in Advanced ducks (2nd place, 102 points) and Advanced sheep (3rd place, 102 points)! Dazzle trialed only in Started cattle, where she qualified too (4rd place, 79,5 points)!! Yessss!



Summer competed in her first stockdog trial. She qualified both in ducks and sheep!! Woohoo, way to go, Sevenne and Summer!


25th of May: Wow, what a weekend!
Magic and Dazzle did a great job at the ASCA stockdog trials. Magic earned qualifying scores in Open ducks (3rd place, 97 points), Open sheep (2nd place, 106.5 points) and Started cattle (1st place, 80 points)! So she completed her OTDds titles and earned a first leg in STDc! Dazzle earned qualifying scores in Started ducks (1st place, 81 points) and Open sheep (3rd place, 102 points). She did a nice job in started cattle, but her handler messed up a little too much and we were 2 points short of qualifying (2nd place, 67 points). She has her STDds titles!

In the meanwhile, Magic's offspring Blusher and Famy were busy in the agility ring. Blusher earned 4 promotion points and Famy even earned a 5th place and 65 promotionpoints! Wow, congratulations to Karin with Blusher and Famy!!

Karin and Famy

18th of May: While her dam was busy in the stockdog arena, Myra starred in the dogfrisbee ring! After a rest period, because of an injury, Hylke and Myra are truly back!
They won the "Pairs division" once more and received an invitation to the 2008 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship! This is the second year in a row that they qualified for this World Championship! Huge congratulations to Hylke and Myra! Keep up the good work!!

18th of May: Magic and Dazzle competed in ASCA stockdog trials. We trialed with light and sensitive sheep, "cows from hell" (judges words, not mine ;)) and ducks, well ducks are just ducks. Magic got qualifying scores in OTDds with a 1st (107 points) and 2nd place (105 points)!! Dazzle finished her STDs with a 1st place (85 points) and earned a leg in STDd with a 1st place too (83 points)! Woohoo!

11th of May: Kayleigh (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Kayleigh GG1) is on a roll! After earning her GG1 and winning the highest division in an agility club competition, she also wins a 2nd place at the Dog Chow dogfrisbee competition in Hoorn! Congratulations to Kayleigh and her owner Monique Brouwer!!



4th of May: Some new pictures at Dazzle's pages and Chelsea's pages.

4th of May: Chelsea has been recovering incredibly. We have green light to start exercising her again and she is progressing quickly. She wasn't ready yet for the instinct test last week at the JJ Ranch. But she progressed so well this week, that we tried her on sheep this weekend. In a very short session (we're still very carefull with her!), she showed some very nice things! She is interested, has a strong sense of grouping, loves to control the heads and works rather wide. We're very happy with both her progress and her work with the sheep.

You can't imagine how happy we are to see her running and jumping again like a young Aussie should be doing! :)

27th of April: Four pups from our "Famous litter" have participated in a herding instinct test at the JJ Ranch. Roxan, Effie and Fresco showed interest and talent for working with sheep. They got great reports and evaluations. Famy, Magic and Dazzle used to opportunity to get a training at the JJ Ranch.
Photos can be found HERE and HERE.

(Moving Spirit Famous Flirt)

(Moving Spirit Famous Fantasy)

(Moving Spirit Famous Fresco)


26th of April: Spring finally reached us! Some new pic's of Dazzle and Magic are added to their pages.

20th of April: Blusher is a German VDH Champion!! Woohoo, congratulations to Karin and Blusher! We're proud of your accomplishments! Blusher is now "Dutch and German CH. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-E".

19th of April: Famy is making a great start with this agility season! After her great results at the first competition, she earned a 9th place on her second competition. She is collecting quite some promotion-points on her way. Way to go, Karin and Famy!

April: Thanks to everybody who has crossed fingers for Chelsea's recovery. She has come a long way from almost dying to being a happy energetic young Aussie again. She isn't fully recovered yet, but she is progressing well and will start some basic training soon. It's too early to say if she will be able to do everything again, but so far so good. I will keep you all updated!

30th of March: Our Famous pups are one year old and have been at the Young Dogs Day of the ASCN. We were very pleased to see four pups back and especially their teriffic characters and great bonds with their owners!

Famous pups. In the back, from left to right:
Fresco, Jazzy, Roxan and Effie. Mommy Famy lies in the front.

29th of March: Famy did a great job on her first agility competition of this season. A 7th place on the Jumping and a 22nd place on the Regular out of 100 competitors! Congrats to Karin and Famy!


11th of March: Another great dog is gone... With sadness in our hearts, we announce that Cody (Cody of the First Choice GG1 GG2 GG3) has left this world at 16 years of age. She will be terribly missed!! Fortunately, she left us with 5 beautiful generations of descendants and many many beautiful memories. She has meant so much for many people and we will always never forget her!
Dear dear Cody, rest in peace, we hope you're happily running with Happy, Genie, Sophie and many others!
Also in this way, our deepest sympathy to Riekje who will miss Cody more than anyone else.

Cody in 2004, at 12 years of age 

11th of March: Bad luck seems to haunt us. Chelsea got hit by a car and is very seriously injured. After some days in intensive care, she is home and will need to keep rest (and stay crated) for six weeks. It will be hard and she has a long way to go, but we really hope that she will be able to do everything again. Please, everybody who reads this, cross your fingers for this young Aussie girl and hope for a quick and (almost) full recovery! She deserves it!!

Some new pictures on Magic's photopage, Dazzle's photopage, Summer's actionpage and Photo Gallery.

16th of February: Congrats to Karin and Blusher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blue Blusher GG1 JS-N JS-O JS-E) for winning another point for his German Championship! Keep up the good work!

13th of February: Blusher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blue Blusher GG1 JS-N JS-O JS-E), Famy (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale GGB JS-N) and Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks) have been tested for posterior cataracts. This DNA test shows if a dog has one or two copies of the cataract gene or none at all. Dogs with one or two copies of the mutation have approximately 12 times higher chances to develop bilateral posterior cataracts.
Blusher, Famy and Remy luckily all do not have the mutation and will not pass it on to any offspring! In addition, the father of our Famous litter (Clinton - Cedarwoods Twin Rapture BH DNA-CP) has also normal/normal as test result, which means that all pups from our Famous litter are normal/normal by parentage!!!

Sadly our litter plans have been cancelled. We had very exciting plans, but Summer decided she didn't like these plans and did not want to be bred. So therefore, we will not be expecting any pups in 2008. Check back in 2009 or 2010 or send us an email.

 10th of February: Janey (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Janey) won a 5th place in obedience Beginners. Congratulations Hermien and Janey!!


5th of February: See our exciting planned litter for April 2008! More information can be found at the "Planned litter" page!

Some new pictures of Chelsea added to her page.

We received a photo of a beautiful painting made of Trudy and Dogan! Trudy and Bob sadly lost Dogan last year and this painting will be a beautiful memory of their great time together!

3rd of February: New pictures of Remy at the "Litter 2007" page.
Some herding pictures of Summer and Dazzle can be found here.

1st of February:  Summer's eyes have been checked and are clear! We hope to expect her puppies in April. More information will be available at the "Planned litter" page soon!

26th of January: Jazzy (Clinton x Famy) competed in her first Doggydance competition. Here some pic's of her in action! She is 10 months old.


10th of January: We moved to another house, so our contact information is changed. Please update you address books. Our email addresses and mobile phones are still the same.

20th of December: Only one week after losing Sophie, we have lost her sister Genie. She was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and we couldn't save her anymore. We had to let her go. We did everything we could and we know that she is no longer in pain now. But we'll miss her so much. She was our first Aussie, she learned us so much, she gave us so much more that we ever expected from a dog. We have so many beautiful memories of her. We could write pages about everything we shared with her and how incredibly important she has been to us. We'll miss her so much... But we're glad that she will live on in her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

We'll leave her pages at this website like they were before, to remember her and as a tribute to her.

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
We never wanted memories,
We only wanted you.
A million times we needed you,
a million times we cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we love you still.
In our heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
we'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.


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