News and updates
in 2007


13th of December: Totally unexpected, Sophie (Moving Spirit First Love Sophie) passed away. Only 11 years old, she left this world without warning and left us and her owner Netty Goddard heart broken. We'll miss you girl, you were really special!

Chelsea (Moving Spirit Famous Forever) says goodbye to her dear friend, Sophie.... These photos were NOT posed or influenced in any way.

Chassey can be seen in a television program "Eigen Huis en Tuin" at 22nd of December, 29th of December and 5th of January.

26th of November: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) competed in Junior Handling Agility with 13 year old Mitchell Brouwer at the Winner show. After only two times training, they competed and earned a third place with only a 0.5 second difference with the number one!
Huge congratulations to Mitchell, Chassey and ofcourse Angela!


Blu'sher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-E), Famy (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale), Maggie (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Maggie May), Fresco (Moving Spirit Famous Fresco) and Magic and Dazzle travelled to the Spotted Horse Ranch for a herding training on ducks and sheep.
More pictures can be found here.

Famy, Fresco and Maggie working sheep

21st of November: New picture of Fresco at the "Litter 2007" page.

15th of November: A new picture of Effie at the "Litter 2007" page and Janey (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Janey) has had her eye test and was clear!

12th of November: Two new pictures of Janey at the "Litter 2004" page and some new links.

9th of November: new lay out published and here and there are some new pictures posted.

29th of September: We had a little reunion of the Clinton x Famy puppies.


19th of September: Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) has arrived in Atlanta, USA, where she will compete at the World Championship Dogfrisbee. You can follow her adventures in her weblog!
We are very proud of our Magic-daugther and we wish Hylke and Myra good luck in the competition and lots of fun at the other side of the ocean!!


14th of September: Dazzle's MDR1 result came back. She is MDR1 +/+, what means that she does not have the mutation!

8th of September: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks) competed at her first conformation show at 6 months of age. Remy got a 2nd place over more than 40 other pups from different breeds! Huge congratulations to Remy and Linda!!

Thanks to Terhi for the lovely pictures!

4th of September: Blu'sher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-E) and Famy (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale GG-B JS-N) have had their eyes tested again and both were clear!

25th of August: Remy (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks) had her eyes tested today and they were still totally clear! They also took a blood sample to do a cataract gene test. We'll post the results later when we get them.

15th of August: Blu'sher (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-E) is sire of 7 lovely puppies! Java (Java Wilte of the Riverfront GG1 SHH) gave birth to 7 healthy Aussie pups;
4 males (1 red merle, 2 black tri, 1red tri) and 3 females (1blue merle, 1 red tri and 1 black tri)!
Congratulations to Karin Hermans with Blusher and Will and Wim van Dongen with Java!!
Find more about the parents and the litter at the websites of Blu'sher and Java and contact Will van Dongen if you're interested in these puppies.

4th of August: Photo shoot made on the walk at Reindersmeer! 21 dogs with their owners, mostly Aussies bred by us or related to our dogs. Thanks to Sandy Wilcke (Hondenfotografie) for the beautiful photos!

2nd of August: Magic and Dazzle were entered in the ASCA Mid Summer Trials. Magic qualified in Started Sheep and Started ducks, earning her STDds!! Dazzle qualified with a first place in Started Sheep!
Way to go girls!!!


26th of July: We received the bad news that Dogan has died on 4th of July 2007. He was hit by a car. We wish his owners Bob and Trudy all strength and comfort and we are so sorry for this horrible loss. Click here for a small "in memoriam" page.

New pic's on Summer's action page and Dazzle's actionpage. Look under the herding-section.

20th of July: Just some little updates. Chelsea got her own page, and there are some new pics in the "Photos" section.

1st of July: Summer competed in the conformation show in Echt. She won the Open bitch class with an excellent and went on to Reserve Winners Bitch with an Res. CAC and a CACIB! Way to go!! Congratulations to Sevenne and Summer!!

Summer winning 3rd place at the Club Championship.

30th of June: Four Moving Spirit's took part in the Club Championship of the Dutch AUstralian Shepherd Club (ASCN). Puppies Chelsea and Effie (pups 2007) did a great job in the baby class females. Their first show and experience in stacking and gaiting, which they both did very nicely. Chelsea got a "very promising" and Effie "promising".
Summer and Janey (pups 2004) were in Open bitch where Summer took 3rd place (out of 17 bitches) with an excellent!

Chelsea and Effie during their first show at the age of nearly 4 months. Photos made by Birgit Kornet. Thanks Birgit!!

27th of May: Wow, what a weekend!! Moving Spirits were successfull in herding, agility and dogfrisbee!

Magic competed in her first ASCA herding trial at 8 years of age, where she earned her first legs on sheep and ducks! She did it in style, with a 2nd place in Started Ducks (75 points) and a 1st place in Started Sheep (85,5 points). Cattle didn't work out this time, we'll try our luck again next time! We're so proud of our girl that did so well, in spite of Noëlle's nerves!

Photos made by Nicole van Barneveld from Denmark. Thanks Nicole!!

Blusher (Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher) and Famy were in the meanwhile busy at a agility competition in Amsterdam. Blusher earned here a 4th place out of 96 competitors!! Way to go, Karin and Blusher!!

At the same time, Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) competed in a dogfrisbee competition, The Bouncers Cup. She took part in the advanced class, where she earned a beautifull 2nd place! Congratulations to Hylke and Myra!

12th of May: And after 8 weeks the time has come, most of the pups have moved to their new owners. Pictures added of them and their new owners!

8th of May: New pictures of the puppies in their eighth week!

6th of May: Blusher (Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher) earns his third and final qualification in A agility! Now he can proceed to class B1. Congrats to Karin and Blush!

5th of May: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) wins a seventh place in though competition in the highest class of agility (C)! Congrats to Angela and Chassey!


4th of May: Eye check for the pups and all puppies are free of hereditary eye defects!!

1st of May: New puppy pictures of the seventh week.

24th of April: Photos of the sixth week of the puppies! 

17th of April: The pups are 5 weeks old already. Lots of new photos

Follow my paws to the puppy pictures!!

16th of April: Pictures of tracking at Famy's and Dazzle's actionpages.

10th of April: Puppy pictures of the fourth week!

3th of April: New puppy pictures!

30th of March: Some new Dazzle pictures at her Photo-page.

29th of March: This weekend (25th of March) Moving Spirit Magical Nipper GG1 GG2 took part in a national obedience competition. He took a second place in the GG2 class!
Whoow, way to go! Congratulations to Els and Nipper!

27th of March: Flirt calls you to have a look at the new pictures of her and her littermates!!

26th of March: Some new Dazzle pics. A new head study and some actionpic's. 

News about Clinton, the sire of our current litter. He earned his BH-title in Germany with his handler Michael Gödiker! He is now called Cedarwood's Twin Rapture BH DNA-CP.
 Congratulations to Michael and Viola (
Netop Aussies) with Clinton's new title!

20th of March: New puppy pictures!

13th of March: They are here!!! Puppies have arrived! Find more information at the "Puppies" page or go immediatly to the pictures!

Famy and her first daughter! 

12th of March: 8,5 weeks pregnant... We can feel the pups and even see Famy's belly move up and down when a puppy is kicking. :) There are surely some lively pups in there!

7th of March 2007: Famy is almost 8 weeks pregnant. Her belly steadily grows.

March 2007: We are unpatiently waiting for March 14, when we can expect Famy's pups. Here some pics of her growing belly and the ultrasound showing a puppy!

6 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnant


7th of February: Blusher earned two qualifying scores ("U-tjes") in agility. Both his jumpers and regular round was without faults and within the time. Way to go Karin and Blu'sher!

16th of February: A new address: and a lot of new updates!
New photos can be found at the following pages:
Magic's photo-page, Famy's photo-page, Famy's action-page, Dazzle's action-page and Dazzle's photo-page (snow pictures!!). Also a movie added to Magic's action-page!
Summer has been added to "Our Dogs".

New page about our expected litter with information and photos!

9th of February: Famy had her ultrasound and she is pregnant!! Yahoo! Pups expected in March 2007!

27th of January: Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) won the two-pairs division at the Skyhoundz Wintergame in Rotterdam with her handlers Hylke and Jos! With this win, they qualified for the World Championship 2007 in Atlanta in September! What an awesome acchievement!
Congratulations to Hylke, Jos and Myra!!!

20th of January: Some new photos at Dazzle's photopage.

10 and 11th of January: Famy has been bred to Clinton. We expect puppies in March 2007!! More information on the planned litter page. More pictures will follow.

Romantic couple!

6th of January: New pics at Dazzle's pages, frisbee pics at her actionpage and new photos in the photo-gallery.
Furthermore, Moving Spirit Aussies went to the zoo! Find more pictures in their

Together with their owners:
At the top: Kooiker Ilva, Blu'sher and Janey. Below; Kayleigh, Famy, Genie, Magic, Summer, Chica and Nipper. Dazzle hides in the middle. ;)

2nd of January: New puppy plans! Litter expected in March. See the "Planned Litter" page for more information or send us an email.