News and updates
in 2006


16th of December: See at Dazzle's photopage what we do on long dark winter evenings. ;)

9th of December: Magic has worked cattle this weekend for the first time. On forehand, we were not sure what she would do and if she would dare to work cattle. But we shouldn't have worried; she did great!
We also had good training sessions on ducks and sheep. Magic did very well and we have some things to work on at home. So it was a very good Saturday for us!

Some more pics can be found at Magic's actionpage.

2nd of December: Famy earned a 5th and 7th price (out of 98 entries) in the agility competition in St. Oedenrode. She also earned her 3rd qualifying leg, so she moves up to 2nd degree of agility (B1) now!!
Congrats to Karin and Famy!!

26th of November: Magic and her daugther Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) competed at the final dogfrisbee competition in Bleiswijk, the "Floaters Cup". Magic was 2nd with her handler Edwin Kroon in the veterans class!!!! And Myra was 2nd in the advanced class and this earned her enough points for a 2nd place of the whole competition year!!!
Way to go!! A huge congrats to Edwin with Magic and Hylke with Myra!

Magic in the toss&fetch round

25th of November:
Famy earned her GG-B title today! With 164 points (out of 190) and full points for heelwork!!
Congrats to Karin with Famy!!

19th of November: Carry and the dogs are back from holiday. New pics on Dazzle's photo- and actionpage.

Also pic's of Dazzle's boyfriend at her

November: C'est la Vie will take part at the World Championships USDDN DogFrisbee in Louisville USA. Results will follow!!

Maggie (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Maggie May) passed her UV-test! Congrats to Marianne and Maggie!

28nd of October: Photo-update again! Dazzle's action page and picture page....

2nd of October: Lots of new pictures!! New photos added at: Dazzle's picture page, Magic's action page and the photo-gallery.

29th of September: New pic's of Dogan (litter 2004).

27th of September: New photo-gallery added!

23 and 24th of September: C'est la Vie competed at the European dogfrisbee Championship. Saturday, she earned a 2nd place (best Dutch dog) in the "Toss and Fetch only" division with 38,50 points. At sunday, she was 7th in "Open freestyle and Toss and Fetch Super Open (Qualifier)" with 108,27 points. This made her the 2nd best Dutch combination!
Congrats to Frans and Vie!!


24th of September: Famy earned a 4th place and a qualifying leg ("U-tje") in the agility competition today. One more to go to move up to the next class!!
Congrats to Karin and Famy!

22th of September: Dazzle had her first eye check, both eyes totally cleared!! Hurrah!

19th of September: Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) got a 2nd place in the advanced division of the dogfrisbee competition in Katwijk! Congrats to Hylke and Myra!


16th of September: New Dazzle pic's!!! Also new pics of Kayleigh and Maggie (litter 2004).

11th of September: Dazzle is here!!! All her pages are updated with new text and lots of new pics!

1st, 2nd and 3th of September: Famy and Blu'sher competed in ASCA conformation and agility. Exact results will follow, but we will already let you know that Famy is now "Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale JS-N" and Blush is "Dutch Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 JS-N JS-O JS-E"!!
Congrats to Karin and Blush and Famy!!

26th and 27th of August: Vie competed at the "Landen Kampioenschap" (Country Championship) dogfrisbee. She won a 4th place in the Super Open (2nd Dutch combination) and she won the Toss and Fetch competition.
Wow, congrats to Frans en C'est la Vie!!

25th of August: Famy's and Blusher's eyetests are clear again!

24th of August: some new pics at Dazzle's photo-page and a new page listing an overview of titles.

20th of August: Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle) won the advanced division of the dogfrisbee competition in Zwolle! Congrats to Hylke and Myra!

19th of August: Famy (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale) earned her first "U-tje" in agility! Cngrats to Karin and Famy!

13th of August: Chassey (Moving Spirit Magical Chassey) has won the agility competition in Arnhem! Congrats to Angela and Chassey!

August:  The site has been totally updated. New pics and info at almost all pages.
Check our new addition!!