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27th-28th of July: The second stockdog trials of this year for us. Not much luck with the ducks, reasonable on cattle and we were great on sheep. Djampi finished her ATDs with a 1st place and score of 111.5 points and finished her OTDc with a 2nd place. The next day she ran another Advanced sheep run for fun, scored 111 points, 1st place and won High in Trial! :)
Dazzle ran for the first time with another handler in Novice. She really knew this was serious business, no fooling around, and she worked very hard for Mike. Each of the three runs was very good, all scored 100+ points and she got lots of compliments from the judges and other competitors. It made me so proud to watch her work. :)

 10th of July: It is that time again... Almost an empty nest. Seven pups flew out during the last 1.5 weeks and so far the reports have all been excellent. This is the last update in the weekly series, presenting their new owners and wishing them all the best! I'm sure it will not be the last we hear about these pups though! :)

7th of July: Dutch FCI agility trial for Australian Shepherds. Karin ran Famy (Moving Spirit Buzzing Fairytale GGB STDds RS-E JS-E-OP GS-E DNA-CP) in Veterans class and she won both the Agility and the Jumping! Wow!! She also ran Famy's son Manny in the Open class where he earned a 5th place in Jumping, well done!!

6th of July: Katla (Dazzling Spirit Icing on the Cake GS-E JS-O RS-N DNA-VP) has had a very busy week full of agility trials. Right at the start she earned her last Q with a 2nd place to move up to grade 2! She continued the trials in class 2 and earned 3x a 2nd place, 1x a 4th place, 1x a 6th place en 1x a 12th place. Huge congrats on those amazing results, Gondola and Katla!!!

5th of July:  Yola (Dazzling Spirit on the Dot) has been DNA tested for PRA and she is clear!

29th of June: Almost the end. The last week that the whole litter is complete. The pups are ready to fly out. What an amazing 2 months it has been!
Like every week, a new photo album, new portraits and again a video made Hylke Walters!


27th of June: All pups are free of hereditary eye diseases.

25th of June: Tully's HSF4 test result is in! He is HSF4 free/free, which automatically means that all pups from our current litter are free by parentage.

24th of June: Roxan won 2nd place at the Maniacs Dogfrisbee competition today! Way to go, Willem and Roxan! :)

23rd of June: A new photo album is uploaded by Lisette Hensgens and a new video collage is made by Hylke Walters!

 22nd of June: 7 weeks old already. A new photo album and new portraits! A new video will follow within a few days.

 16th-17th of June: Pekka (Dazzling Spirit Don't Miss a Moment) competed in Finnish Championships Dog Swimming. In both individual and team swimming, Pekka did great. Not all of her team members did the same, so they didn't win anything there. But Pekka earned a 3rd place in the individual competition out of ca. 20 teams entered! Congratulations Marjukka and Pekka!

16th of June: Chap (Dazzling Spirit It's a Cool Chap) and Aybo (Dazzling Spirit's Danny Cool) had their new eye checks and again everything is clear.

15th of June: Pfew, I made it this week. Right in time, at exactly 6 weeks of age, I uploaded a new album and new weekly portraits. I was also lucky that Hylke Walters made a nice video of this week!

10th of June: I admit, I'm terribly late with the pics. Sorry to keep you all waiting. To make up for it, there are almost 200 pics in the new album, a new video and of course there are also new weekly portraits. Enjoy!

8th of June: With pain in their heart, Ida and Rene had to let 'Lani' go. Lani was from our first litter, born 13.5 years ago, and has been a wonderful ambassador of the breed, a wonderful companion and enthusiastic sport dog. Rest in peace, Lani, you'll be missed!

6th of June: Giusa (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time) had set the first official step in her trial career. She passed a Finnish test consisting of both an obedience part and a sociability test in the city, which earns her the title 'BH' and allows her to compete in other venues such as the Finnish search programs. Congratulations, Tanja and Giusa!

 1st of June: And another week has passed. The puppies turn 4 weeks today, so there are new portraits online and a new album with photos. Enjoy!


 27th of May: Feel'n (Dazzling Spirit Pretty Awesum) was entered in her first stockdog trial. She qualified in started sheep with a 2nd place. Well done, Debby and Feel'n!!

 26th of May: More stockdog results for Djampi! She entered 4 runs and qualified them all! 1st place in Open Ducks finishing her OTDd, 1st place in Open Cattle, 2nd place in Advanced sheep and a bonus leg in Advanced sheep on F course with another 2nd place. All together good for High Combined Non WTCH. Way to go Djampi!!! Two days of trialing; qualified 7 runs out of the 7 runs that we entered and placed 1st in 4 runs and 2nd in the other 3, earned a High In Trial and a High Combined Non WTCH. What more can I ask for? :)))


 25th of May: The pups are 3 weeks old, so it's time for new portraits and a new photo album.

25th of May: Some early results of the MVA competition. Manny earns his JS-O and GS-N, qualifies in Open Regular and therefore qualifies for MVA!! He got 85,5 points (out of 90) for his MVA evaluation. Way to go, Karin and Manny!! :)
More agility this weekend and conformation! Keep up the good work!

22nd of May: In a last minute decision, I found I could leave the pups for a day in the care of Netty, and take Djampi to the stockdog trials of the DWAS. We ran open sheep op B course which earned us a 2nd place (broken by time) and 108 points, even although I thought it was rather mediocre compared to what we usually do in training. Our started cattle run was smooth and earned us a 1st place and 86 points. These two runs completed Djampi's OTDs and STDc titles!
As icing on the cake, we entered a sheep run on course F. Love those new challenging courses! So much fun! Djampi did a nice job and we earned a 1st place with 101 points and a High In Trial of both am and pm trial combined!! :) I'm super proud of Djampi! :)

19th of May: The start of the MVA competition! Stockdog trials for Manny and Chap!
Manny qualifies in started sheep (1st place, 91 points) and started ducks (4th place, 81 points) which finishes his STDds and makes him: Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest STDds JS-N RS-N DNA-VP.
Chap qualifies in started duck and started cattle, and later in the week he also picks up a leg in open ducks, making him: Dazzling Spirit It's a Cool Chap STDdsc (first legs in OTDds).

 19th of May: Portraits at 2 weeks old and a new album with photos of the 2nd week are online.

13th of May: Maggie May (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Maggie UV) competed in agility trials in France. Clear rounds in regular (6th place out of 60!), jumping (4th place!) and in 'class 1' which earned them the first Q out of 3 to move up to class 2. Maggie won High Combined!! Way to go, Johan and Maggie!! Congratulations!!

12th of May: New weekly portraits and a new album with photos are online.

5th of May: a new album is uploaded with photos of the birth of the puppies.

 4th of May: The puppies are born!! Eight beautiful little bundles of joy arrived in less than 4 hours. 5 girls (3 red merles, 2 reds) and 3 boys (all red merles).
Look here for their first portraits!
Or have a look at the Pups page for more information on this litter.


29th of April: Roxan earns 2nd place in the Starters class at the Flying Freaks Cup! Congratulations Willem and Roxan!

24th of April: Fluery's (Dazzling Spirit No Time To Waste) x-ray results came in. She is OFA prelimmed hips Good and elbows Normal! :)

 21st of April: Added a photo pedigree of our upcoming litter.

 14-15th of April: Time for the LASC agility trials and conformation shows! Four of our bred bys attended and wow, did they do a good job!

Bliss is now Dazzling Spirit Awesum It Is RS-N JS-O GS-N, which she earned with a 1st place in gambling and 2x a 2nd place in jumping. Congratulations Francoise and Bliss!

Manny is now Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest RS-N JS-N DNA-VP, earning 2x a 1st place, a 3rd, a 4th and a 5th place. The next day he was also shown in conformation where he placed 4th in BBX. Congratulations Karin and Manny!

Katla came all the way from Norway and not for nothing!! She came away with 3 new titles, 5x a 1st place, 2x a 3rd place and a 4th place, which makes her now Dazzling Spirit Icing on the Cake RS-N JS-O GS-O DNA-VP.
On top of that, she was chosen by the judge for a special award of the day with some very nice words on Katla. Well, if that isn't Icing on the Cake! :)
Congratulations Gondola and Katla!

Bliss, Manny and Katla. Photos by Undine Bresch.


 14th of April: Fluery's (Dazzling Spirit No Time To Waste) DNA results came in. She is CMR1 +/-, which means that either Naishe or Dazzle (or both) is a carrier. Naishe is currently getting tested.

 8th of April: Yola's (Dazzling Spirit On the Dot) xray results came back in. She is HD B/B, ED 0/0, knees 0/0, shoulders free and back x-rayed healthy.

31st of March: Yesss, we're really expecting puppies. Ultrasound has confirmed Chelsea's pregnancy. :)


 4th-5th of March: Chelsea (Moving Spirit Famous Forever OTDds STDc) is bred to Tully (WTCH Slash V Cicero DNA-VP)!! It was love at first sight and they had 2 enjoyable days together. ;) I was impressed by Tully's disposition and his attitude at work and I'm extremely excited about this litter.
Puppies expected around May 6! We'll post back in a month or so when we've done the ultrasound.




3rd of March: Manny (Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest JS-N DNA-VP) and Bliss (Dazzling Spirit Awesum It Is JS-N) both competed at the agility competition in Reuver. They both Q'd, Bliss on the Agility and Manny on the Jumping. This earns Bliss the last Q needed for promotion to B1!
Way to go, Francoise & Bliss and Karin & Manny!

Watch Bliss's run HERE and Manny's run HERE.

2nd of March: New eye checks for:
CH. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-O JS-E-OP GS-N DNA-CP - clear, mpp, at age 10 :)
Moving Spirit Buzzin' Fairytale GGb STDds RS-E JS-E-OP GS-E - clear
Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest JS-N DNA-VP - clear (mild mpp)

 February: Puppy plans!!! Chelsea is in heat and will be bred to WTCH Slash V Cicero DNA-VP!! Watch for more information on the Planned Litter page or shoot us an email!

 22nd of February: Chelsea's eyes are cleared.

 18th of February: Manny (Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest JS-N DNA-VP) earns 2 Qs in agility A and therefore moves up to the B1!!! Way to go, congratulations Karin and Manny! Watch one of his qualifying rounds HERE.

 17th of February: Katla (Dazzling Spirit Icing on the Cake GS-N JS-N DNA-VP) is awarded Best Australian Shepherd 2011 by the Norwegian Australian Shepherd Club in the official 2nd degree obedience competition!!
On top of that she is awarded Best Dog agility 2011 and Best dog obedience 2011 in their own club in Norway! What a great accomplishments for such a young dog.....Huge congrats to Gondola and Katla!!

 16th of February: Chelsea is HD A and ED free!!! :)

 2nd of February: Nari (Dazzling Spirit in a Blink of an Eye) is HD A/A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0! :)

 21st of January: Aybo (Dazzling Spirit Danny Cool) was shown in a club show and was 1st Excellent in the Youth class and went on to win BOB and BIG4! Congratulations Jeanette and Aybo!!

19th of January: Katla (Dazzling Spirit Icing on the Cake GS-N JS-N DNA-VP) is HD A and ED A! :)

16th of January: Pekka (Dazzling Spirit Don't Miss a Moment) is HD A/A, elbows 0/0, back: normal! :)

15th of January: Manny (Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest JS-N DNA-VP) and Bliss (Dazzling Spirit Awesum It Is JS-N) both earned a Q at the agility trial in Didam. Manny took 3rd place on the Regular and Bliss took 3rd place on the Jumping. Congratulations!
Watch Bliss HERE and Manny HERE.

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