De nieuwe eigenaren
The new owners

At Thursday July 15, Fire, Weevil and Skimmer went to their new homes. 

Johan and Marianne Groenewoud picked up Firefly, who is now called Maggie.
They live with 4 other dogs in Ermelo.

Hylke Walters and Sander Leenstra took Weevil home, who is now called Myra. Myra lives with two other dogs in Rotterdam.

Hermien and Arie van der Waal drove back home with Skimmer. She is now called Janey and lives together with two Kooikers in Zevenhoven.

At Friday July 16, Midge and Dogan went to their new homes.

Monique Brouwer and the kids took Midge to Heiloo. Midge's new name is Kayleigh and she will live there with two old Corgi's.

Bob and Trudy Feijen went home with Cricket. Cricket is called Dogan now and lives in Veldhoven.

Bumble and Katy stayed the weekend together with us. But Tuesday July 20, Bumble went to her new owner and at August 2, Famy left us too.

Sevenne Odijk is the happy owner of Bumble Bee now. Bumble's name is Summer now and together with two other dogs, she lives in Purmerend.

Katy has stayed with us for two more weeks, because her future owner; Karin Hermans, was on vacation. But at August 2, Famy, as she is called now, moved to Gennep, where she will live with two Aussie boys.

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