Litter 2012 - Liberty
New owners

Het is tijd voor de volgende fase. De nesttijd is alweer voorbij en de pups zijn klaar voor hun nieuwe grote avontuur. De pups vliegen uit naar hun nieuwe eigenaren en gaan geweldige, gelukkige en veelzijdige Aussie-levens tegemoet!

It is time for the next phase. The litter phase is almost over and the pups are ready for their new big adventure. The pups move to their new owners and will start new wonderful, happy and versatile Aussie-lives!




 Dazzling Spirit Wave Your Flag - "Banner"
Hylke Walters carefully expressed her interest well before Chelsea was bred. She didn't dare to put herself on the waiting list until she was 100% sure she could commit to a new pup, but when she finally did, we hardly could keep her away! Totally open for every pup, regardless of gender or color, she fell for Banner and the feeling was mutual. So Banner came home with Hylke and Sander to be part of their household, together with Myra (Moving Spirit Buzzin' Miracle; a sister of Banner's grandmom) and Splinter.
Banner will be trained in dogfrisbee and possibly herding and more. 


Dazzling Spirit Chasing Liberty - "Chase"
After searching for almost 2 years for the right Aussie litter, Roos van Uden finally found what she was looking for! No matter how often we told her to inquire with other breeders as well, as our breeding plans weren't sure yet, Roos didn't and waited. Having to wait so long for the right litter and then more waiting while the pups grew up to see which one would match with her, wasn't easy on Roos. But I think Chase is totally worth it. This cool little guy joins Roos and Cor and their German Shepherd female Itam and hopes to fill her big footsteps in Search and Rescue work and tracking! He might dabble in some other sports as well.




 Dazzling Spirit Claim to Fame - "Flame"
Finding the right Aussie from working lines sometimes means a long search, not only in time but also in distance. Beata Olejnik-Widawska had to wait long, endure many of my questions about the import policies and drive 1200+kms for her new addition, but I think Flame will be totally worth it.
Flame will follow her housemate Papaya's example in agility and will try her paw at herding as well.


 Dazzling Spirit Peace of Cake - "Kody"
 Another buyer who searched long, inquired with many breeders, both within Europe and overseas, to finally find the right litter quite close to home. From this litter, Leonie was hoping to pick a female, but Kody turned out to be her match! Kody is the new addition in the busy household of Martijn and Leonie van Coolen, their kids, an Aussie male and ACD female. He will be trained in agility and herding.
I expect Kody will have his own page on Dashing Paint soon!

A photo of Liz and Tulip will follow, but for now Tulip stays with us until she is allowed to travel to the UK.


 Dazzling Spirit Spread Your Wings - "Tulip"
Liz searched, waited... searched again, waited again... and again and again..! Bad luck seemed to follow her around and each time she thought she had found her pup, it fell through again. But not this time!!
A casual email lead to a serious inquiry and a few months later, Liz was actually visiting us in The Netherlands and meeting the pups. Trying not to have a strong preference failed, and she fell exactly for the pup we had in mind for her. Tulip will stay with us until half August when she is ready to move to the UK. There, she will share Liz with her other Aussies and Border Collie, and will have a busy life training for working trials, tracking, obedience and herding!


 Dazzling Spirit Masterpeace - "Praise"
A change of pace. That is what Praise is probably going to be for Manuela Reisinger. She told me she was looking for a dog with more drive, energy and confidence, and Praise surely has all that!
She is also one of the people that searched for multiple years for the right breeder/litter/puppy and she finally found it with us in Praise.
After a long trip to Austria, Praise will have a friend in Aussie boy Flash, and will train with Manuela in obedience, Search and Rescue, breitensport, agility and herding.
Praise will be coowned by Dazzling Spirit, but live in Austria with Manuela.

Praise will have her own page on "Riverflash" soon and also has her own page on our website.



 Dazzling Spirit Free Forever - "Katie"
Addictive. That is what those Aussies are. After adding an Aussie to their Stabyhoun, it didn't take long for Laura and Erik to decide that dog number 3 would be another Aussie. Katie is a new venture in several ways though. The first girl and the first dog in coownership. Katie stays a part of the Dazzling Spirit gang, but will spend her life having fun in agility and herding with Laura!
Katie can be found on and of course she also has her own page on our website.


 Dazzling Spirit For Victory - "Vicky"
 Life and death, happiness and sorrow lie so closely together. Mariska and Bernard lost their Border Collie girl in March, got on the list for one of our pups in June and lost one of their Shelties a few weeks later. Sometimes life is just so unfair! We hope that Vicky will bring lots of happiness to the Kuipers family, help sooth the pain of their losses and open up a new chapter with new adventures. Vicky joins two Sheltie girls and will primarily be trained in agility. Other possibilities include herding, obedience and tracking.