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Australian Shepherd Clubs, Health, Rescue and more
ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America
USASA - United States Australian Shepherd Association
ASCN - Australian Shepherd Club Nederland
ASCB- Australian Shepherd Club België
LASC - Lowlands Australian Shepherd Club

DWAS - Dutch Working Australian Shepherd
WEWASC - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd
Working Aussie Source
Aussie Info

ASHGI - Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute
Aussiegenes - Australian Shepherd Genetic Epilepsy Network and Education Service
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation
Gencouns - Genetics Counselling Services
A field guide to coloration of Australian Shepherds
Illustrated Breed Standard

ARF - Australian Shepherd Rescue Fund
Australian Shepherd Rescue Belgium

Aussie pedigree database
Pawvillage pedigree database
Aussies from Overseas
Historical Photos of Australian Shepherds
Australian Shepherd Historical Photo Index

Best breeding and whelping sites and articles

Aussie Family

Spinoff Enterprises  breeder of our Dazzle  
Karin's Aussies

home of Blusher, Famy and Manny (Ch. Moving Spirit Magical Blu'sher GG1 RS-O JS-E-OP GS-N DNA-CP, Moving Spirit Buzzing Fairytale GGB STDds RS-E JS-E-OP GS-E DNA-CP, Dazzling Spirit Cool Quest STDds GS-N JS-O RS-N DNA-VP)
Cryptonite Aussies
home of Remy and Yola (Moving Spirit Famous Fireworks BH DNA-VP, Dazzling Spirit On the Dot)
Working Aussies home of Katie (Dazzling Spirit Free Forever)
Riverflash home of Praise (Dazzling Spirit Masterpeace)
Ida & Yola blog of Yola (Dazzling Spirit On the Dot)
Star Astra home of Katla (Dazzling Spirit Icing on the Cake RS-N JS-O GS-E DNA-VP)
Mijn bende home of Chap (Dazzling Spirit it's a Cool Chap STDdsc)
Shepmates home of Giusa (Dazzling Spirit in the Nick of Time)
Popotin Aussies home of Nari (Dazzling Spirit in a Blink of an Eye)
Dashing Paint home of Kody (Dazzling Spirit Peace of Cake)
Fresco's site blog of Fresco (Moving Spirit Famous Fresco GG B)
Dogs and More home of Jazzy (Moving Spirit Famous Frizzle STDds W-FD)
Debby's Dogs blog of Feel'n (Dazzling Spirit Pretty Awesum)
Hondenservice Flash home of Bliss (Dazzling Spirit Awesum It Is RS-N JS-O GS-N)
SueZCue & Fantasy home of Effie (Moving Spirit Famous Fantasy GG1)
Keep Smiling Aussies brother of our Dazzle  
S Bar L Aussies home of Naishe, sire of our 'Time' litter  
Wildvine Aussies home of Daniel, sire of our 'Cool' litter  
VT Aussies home of Tully, sire of our 'Liberty' litter  

Other aussie friends, breeders and enthusiasts
Scooter and Friends
L Bar J Aussies
Farmer's Four
Valeries Aussies
TipTop Aussies
Anymore Pictures
Let's Talk About
Wildsong Aussies
Masquerade Aussies
Drovers Road

Kesh en Shia
JJ Ranch Australian Shepherds
Fleecy Clouds