WTCH Spinoff's Razzle Dazzle JS-O OFTDdsc WSFTDs DNA-VP (1st legs WSFTDd RS-N)


Geboortedatum/DOB: 30 juni 2006
Vader/ Sire: Justus Blowin Smoke STDcs OTDd DNA-VP
Moeder/Dam: Four Zs NaKeyTa Spinoff DNA-CP
Fokker/ Breeder: Lyn A. Ferris, Spinoff Working Australian Shepherds

Geslacht/sex: Teef/female
Kleur/colour: blue merle / white markings / tan points
Staart/tail: Ongecoupeerd/not docked, full tail
Schofthoogte/height: 48 cm

Heupen/hips: A
vrij/Eyes clear (until 9th of September 2011)
MDR1 +/+ (free)
Free of the HSF4 cataract mutation


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