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January 2010: Snow! And lots of it for Dutch standards. Dazzle loves it and enjoys the snowtime very much!




Early morning, looking out over the snowy pastures in a moment of reflection...
...or is it just to check for stock or wildlife? ;)

End of August 2009: Dazzle enjoys working regularly and playing with the pups. In between, she chills out in the nice summer weather. Some relaxed photos:



August 2009: Dazzle is in her summer-outfit, so totally out of coat. She enjoys swimming and walks. Unfortunately, she stepped in something sharp and had a large cut in her paw, which took a long time to heal. But she is finally running, playing and working again! 

June 2009: we're enjoying spring and summer! Dazzle spends het time mostly running in the forest, swimming, playing with Chelsea or working stock. Besides her regular work with sheep, she also helps bringing the cattle in at a dairy farm now and then.




January 2009:

Bad Dazzle!!!



December 2008:



September 2008: Dazzle travels to Norway and spends 5 great days there. The photos below will give you some impression of her time in Norway!










March 2008: Some photos from just a daily walk in the fields and forest. Dazzle is starting to grow out of her youngster-look and getting a more adult expression.
Judging on the first pic, Dazzle wouldn't have mind a career as hunting dog either. ;) Although the lower pic's prove that herding is still her first passion.



Look at that sidegait!

April 2008: After several months without a photocamera, because it was in reparation, we finally have it back and can make photos again!! Here some spring-photos of Dazzle.



February 2008: Some time since we posted pictures. Here a little selection of photos made during this winter.

Stealing Summer's frisbee and as you can see, she succeeded!

Just having fun. :)

Dazzle is very serious about her sheep and after work, she is tuckered out and finally content!! ;)


August 2007; Dazzle is now 13 months old. On the following pictures, she is shown at a tracking training waiting for her turn. 


Dazzle is a little clown who can play for hours all by herself and making everybody laugh! :)



Just Dazzle as we know her. Happy face, ready for action!

Photo made by Sandy Wilcke

Pictures from Dazzle's first year